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Stove Bright® Paint

Stove Bright® Paint

CALFIRE are the official UK Distributor for Stove Bright High Temperature Paint.

StoveBright is a high quality fast drying, high temperature paint for use on wood, multi-fuel and gas stoves, furnaces, traditional cast iron cookers, cast iron chimineas and many other steel and cast iron products with in-service temperatures to 650 degrees C.

It is also ideal for touching up ceramic gas logs and coals.

Unique in offering a range of 3 blacks and over 30 colours, Stove Bright is used by many of the leading Stove Manufacturers worldwide as their factory finish.

Stove Bright® Gas Vent Pipe Paint

Stove Bright Gas Vent Pipe Paint can be used on double wall flue pipe to match vitreous enamel finishes and is ideal for painting radiators. This quality high gloss coating is heat resistant to 120 degrees C and is fast drying and easy to apply.

Visit the UK StoveBright website